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What Is Balloon Frame Construction?

The Balloon frame was a popular form of timber structure used to build houses in the United States and Canada from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. It is often associated with the style of Queen Anne. This construction was popular back in the days of long timbers, but gradually each floor was constructed with […]

What Is Post Frame Construction?

Post Frame Construction is a wooden frame system fabricated with widely spaced supporting columns. These buildings have many advantages that make them ideal for commercial buildings, and warehouses. The advantages of post frames include cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, strength, durability, and flexibility of the structure. Here is a detailed description of post frame construction and some […]

What is Timber Framing?

Lumber outlined homes and augmentations use boards worked out of wood studwork. At their generally essential, wood outline dividers comprise of lumber studwork fixed set up (ordinarily) with OSB or compressed wood. The strength and unbending nature are provided by the board, which, when nailed to the studwork, spreads the word about an exceptionally inflexible […]

What Is Timber Frame Construction?

Timber framing is beautifully & carefully designed, these homes are also adaptable, energy-efficient, and durable. Timber frame construction in most subcontinents of the world can refer to any frame system that uses wood modules. In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about how modern houses are designed to meet traditional expertise. What […]

What is Frame Construction: Types and Components?

Frame construction is a building technique that involves creating a supportive framework of studs, beams, and timbers and connecting everything else to this framework. This building style can be achieved very quickly with an experienced crew, and it is common around the world. The process of frame construction begins with building up a sill on […]

What Is Commercial Construction?

Before going ahead with commercial construction, one should know the other types of construction too. There are four important types of construction. Here are these: Residential Building All those buildings, where we live, are known as residential buildings. For example, residential buildings include flats and houses. Institutional And Commercial Buildings Examples of commercial buildings are […]

What Is Residential Construction?

What is Residential Construction? Constructing a building isn’t about building a skyscraper full of office spaces. Rather, skyscrapers are also built for residential purposes. Thus, residential construction means to specifically construct a building that is going to be used for living. It is quite a lucrative business, as many people have earned their fortune through […]