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Painting Your Home: Here Are The 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Painting is an art that one learns with continuous practice and dedication. Still, there are chances that things would go wrong. Even the pros among us make mistakes by spinning the wrong color wheel. Has this ever happened to you that you started painting your walls with a beautiful color palette, however, when you are done with the painting, the end color looks too bland? The colors you chose were perfect but the final look is not the desired one. Perhaps, you have made some mistakes while painting your room that you should not repeat again in the future. In this article, we have tried to highlight some of the common mistakes that people make while painting. Give this article a detailed a save yourself from trouble.

Pick Your Paint Color Carefully

The paint of your walls must complement the entire look of your room. It would be better to choose your paint color in the end. This allows you to have a good idea about the fabrics and you can play better with the other elements in your room. On the other hand, when you choose the paint color at the start, you just corner yourself where it becomes hard for you to play smart. It would be wise to plan the other details of the room before you select the paint and then hire an Atlanta paint contractor to do the rest of the job.

Not Thinking Your Home Something Whole

Even if you own a small apartment, it would be difficult for you to make transitions in the paint color of all your rooms. It is quite a tricky business treating your home as a collection of parts instead of a whole and painting every part differently. If it doesn’t flow well, you surely are going to regret it later. For instance, if you chose to paint bright orange and bright pink in two adjacent rooms, this surely is going to be an eyesore.

Ignoring Trend Is A Bad Idea

Softer colors with muted tones are trending again. Even if you are fond of bright colors, it would be a good idea to go with the trends. When you follow a style statement that is trending in the market, you get more returning looks. For those who are fond of bright colors, we would say that you have experimented with all the bright colors from orange to red, consider applying something softer this time and you will be glad about the results.

Do Not Ignore The Lighting

The lighting of your room plays a key role in exhibiting the perfect shade of your painted walls. There is no substitute for natural lighting. Every color looks terrific in the middle of the day. However, when you are decorating the interior of your room, you must care how it fares in dark. Try different colors in a variety of lighting settings and then choose the one that looks more promising. Your painting contractor can also guide you to make a perfect choice. Search the internet for the best “painting contractor near me,” and then hire someone who also understands lighting.

Ignoring Your Emotional Goals

If you are looking for a room where you can have some relaxing time after work, then red is an entirely wrong choice. Red might be your favorite color, but it is entirely the wrong choice for your bedroom where you intend to return for getting ultimate tranquility. Moreover, if you want your room to look serene and natural, try painting it in blue and green. These colors are surely going to give you your desired look.


Five Reasons Why You Should Give A Fresh Coat Of Paint To Your House

Being reluctant to get your house a new coat of paint that it has been longing since quite some time is an emotion all house owners know. Here are some compelling factors that might get you off your seat and finally to make that decision about hiring a residential painting services in California!

Call For Change

It has probably happened more than once when you are moving into a house that you don’t like the paints of. But since you are in such a hurry and short on resources during your move, you push it down the priority list to be dealt with later. Even if that is not the case, it is still quite normal to become accustomed to the way your walls look over time. Anyhow, both the situations call for a change!

One thing you should never underestimate is the amount of aesthetic value that just changing the paints of your house can add to your mood. You get a chance to change the way how everything looked and felt, and paint them exactly how you want them to! Sometimes all you really need is a call for change!

Add Up To The Value Of Your House

The good part about investing in changing the paint of your house is the percentage by which it adds up to the final value of your house. Whether you are looking forward to getting a good price for a house that you want to sell or want your investment to just be secure, new paints are the go-to option for you!

According to some surveys it has been noted that most of the home renovations ad up to the value of your house by a percentage lesser than 100, but paint jobs stand out as one the most paying off investments with a surprising 141% of investment return rate, which is truly insane!

Boosts Curb Appeal

Who wouldn’t want their house to be the center of attention of the entire neighborhood?

Desiring for the curb appeal of your house to amazing is want as natural as anything. It can be linked to many reasons, either you’re a seller and looking for a good price to get, a buyer who wants to move into the perfect house, or just a day spender on your own wanting to appreciate your life long’s earnings.

It can be said in a way you can change everything about the way your house looks from the outside just by having a good professional exterior paint.  You can choose any color of your liking, and even use multiple colors, in contrast, to get that shiny look out of your house!

Protects The Exterior Of Your House

The exterior of your house may not be as strong and durable on its own as it seems. With time there are many natural factors that pose a serious threat to the material used on the outside, like rains, winds, snow, and even direct sunlight.

Modern and more advanced types of paints that are all-season proof not only sit there complimenting the appeal of your house but is also holding it together against many maintenances. It acts as an additional layer of protection from water damage, pests, etc.

Affordable Rates

Probably one of the most major factors why painting your house is the most preferred type of home improvement investment is extremely affordable rates. All you need is to hire local affordable house painters, which will be enough to wind up the work in no time, and some arguable bucks on a few buckets of paint that you like. All in all, your best bet of a paint job for the entire house would lie somewhere around $1000 in total.

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Factors to Help You Calculate Average Cost of General Contractor

A general contractor is a great help if you are about to start the construction of your house or just doing general renovations.

Hiring help from a contractor relieves you of all the stress of managing manpower and resources. It enables you to check the status of the whole ongoing project from a single source rather than keeping a track of each and everything.

So how much can a contractor cost you by the hour? The answer isn’t simple since many factors come into play. Here are some things that you can consider while you decide to hire a contractor.

Allocated Resources

If you are more concerned with how much a certain general contractor will cost you then simply make a time and material contract.

This will pay the contractor based on the actual cost of materials, equipment, and labor. This can cause the overall cost of the project to go up if any extra resources are added to the project.

However, this is usually covered in the extra sum you set in the contract to cover for any overhead costs and can let the contractor make a profit out of.

Fixed Cost Contracts

If you want to limit the contractor to a certain fixed range of expenditure regardless if he spends extra time on a project or requires extra materials, you could use this contract.

After having a discussion with the contractor regarding the cost of the project, you can get a pretty good idea of how much he will be charging for his services.

The normal range of contractors cut from the overall project cost lies between 10-20%. This may sound reasonable but sometimes the project doesn’t go as planned and there might be a need for overtime or extra workforce.

In that case, if a contractor is limited to a certain cost, he might cut corners where necessary to manage within that cost.

Project Scale

The biggest factor that contributes to contractor cost is the overall size of the project. It’s a given that a contractor will cost less if you want to renovate your room compared to a whole house.

The cost gap usually comes because the bigger the project, the chances of acquiring extra laborers and materials increase.

Project Type

The type of project and different intricacies associated with it bump up the overall cost of a contractor. If you are looking to remodel your room then it’s only mostly the workforce and materials that will get your work done cheaper.

However, if you are constructing a house from scratch, then it will include intricate floor plans, room designs, permits, in addition to all materials and laborers that will bump up the price exponentially.

Location of Project

Maybe you are constructing a house in a remote location? Or near wooded areas away from civilization. It’s harder for material and workforce to arrive at these locations hence the contractor cost goes up as the project becomes increasingly expensive.

The cost of transportation and special permits are quite high for some areas and their acquisition puts the project’s cost through the roof.

For starters, if you build in a secluded location then shipping the materials and transportation of workers bump up the price.

If you are building in an urban area then acquiring permits can be a hard job. In any case, the price of the contractor is scaled according to the cost of the project so better to keep that into consideration.

Experience of the Contractor

You get what you pay for, it’s simple as that. If you want your project to be completed with utmost precision then you have to hire a contractor capable enough to do that. The more experienced a contractor is, his fee is going to reflect that.

The higher profile a contractor is, he’ll have a bigger network of contacts with better planning and execution techniques for your project.

This will filter only the best workforce and high-quality materials for your project, so the cost is going to be higher. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth hiring a high-profile contractor or you can get by with a mediocre one.

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3 Factors To Check In A Remodeling Contractor Before Hiring!

Living in Irvine CA, there is one thing for sure that you are going to find a lot of home remodeling contractors for yourself. Almost all of them will make the claim to be the best in the business, however, very few of them actually manage to deliver what they promise.

So, in case, if you are not able to hire our experts for the job, we care for our customer beyond money and therefore we are listing down some of the most important traits that you must look out for in a home remodeling contractor to get your home or parts of your home remodeled just the way you would like.


The first and foremost thing that you must see in a contractor is their portfolio or the work that they have done in the recent past.

This step not only shows you the experience of the contractor but you would also better be able to analyze whether the contractor has the ability to handle the level of work you want him to do or not.

Always remember most of the professional companies show off their portfolio without you even asking for it only because they know that portfolios serve to be a good trap to acquire the potential customer.


You should never go with a home remodeling contractor that doesn’t have a good reputation in the market and by that we mean you must go through the reviews about the company on the internet.

This is because past customers are often the most honest in your opinion and can even guide you better about the level of dedication and commitment the contractors possess.

Your best source for checking out reviews can be social media outlets or special review sites like Yelp etc.


A lot of customers and even experts choose the value of quotation over this important point but we would strictly recommend you to work with a contractor who doesn’t only have a license to operate legally in Irvine CA but should also offer insurance plans as a part of its services.

So, while the license would serve to be proof of the quality of service, insurance can help when there is any negligence by the contractor’s side.

Although by now some of you might be thinking that these are small things that we have mentioned but these small things go a long way if you want your house to be remodeled with perfection.

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Why Hiring A Professional Construction Company Is A Good Idea

When you have construction going on by yourself, it feels like a dozen different reigns in your hands that you can neither control nor let go of.  Some people are tempted to do the managing of the construction of a house or building by themselves, mostly because they want to save money but some actually enjoy being busy and in control.

Though the more recommended and sensible option is to hire a professional residential construction service some may think otherwise. The main reason why many people refrain from hiring a construction company is that they think they might get scammed for the services. However, here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional construction service is actually a good thing.

Peace Of Mind

The construction of a house is a real hassle to take care of. If you think it is just going to be hiring a couple of contractors and letting them do as they please then you will have a disaster. Coordinating the plumbing, electrical works, drainage, and construction can easily take you months and even years to complete.

A professional residential construction company relieves you of your duties and supervision while the construction of the house is going on. All the minor contractors and workers are hired and paid by them, you will only be required to check on the final result. This makes the probability of your house turning out to be like the plan even higher.


Construction site accidents are a real thing, they are probably amongst the highest across America. From minor damages to complete structure demolishing, and even life risks of the workers can bring about a halt or a stop to your construction that is going in progress. As a homeowner that has been working too long in saving the money up to finally have a house, that sort of damage is not the one you will recover from any time soon.

Most professional construction companies are insured. This makes them a safe investment as you wouldn’t have to worry about accidents or mishaps on your property. All in all, you can also expect to actually cut down your costs because of the many contacts of a construction company, they will get you the material required for construction at an exclusive rate from the sellers.

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